After reading and reflecting on Allocate AWS Costs with Resource Tags I asked myself: is there a CLI tool out there, ideally with a great UX, that allows me to tag any AWS resource in a uniform manner? After some searching around I concluded that the answer is likely "No" and so I set out to fill this gap with awsometag.

But, I hear you say, there are AWS Resource Groups (ARG), already! Isn't this re-inventing the wheel?

Nope. And the reason is two-fold: on the one hand, you can consider awsometag as a sort of enabler for ARGs; you don't have to think about the grouping aspect up-front, only tag your resources. Second, ARGs are very powerful, supporting more than simple tags, including CloudFormation stack-based queries and a set of permissions along with the ARG. In a sense, if one was to compare awsometag to ARGs, it would be offering functionality equivalent to a subset of the Tag Editor.